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Audit & Accounting, Assurance Services

We understand that the management needs to focus and spend more time, energy, and resources to build the company's core businesses. Hence we assume full responsibility of managing the day-to-day back-office operations and provide a sound accounting framework to support a corporate organization in its control, reporting & statutory compliance requirements.

We provide services that are meant to fulfil the extensive and wide-ranging need for accountancy specialists, with up to date and sound fundamental knowledge of the subject.

Apart from a superior technical understanding of all facets of accountancy, the vast experience of SNR in handling secretarial, taxation and consultancy engagements for various industry groups is an added advantage.

India is gearing up to converge to IFRS and we are equipped with the range of professionals to help company’s conversion to IFRS. V R SAARP helps its clients in the following areas:

  • Conversion to IFRS
  • Assess the tax implications of moving to IFRS
  • Fair Value Accounting
  • Optimize all decisions related to IFRS conversion
  • Preparation of IFRS financial statements

Assurance Services

These services include audit, review, and compilation of financial statements, as well as general bookkeeping and accounting assistance:

  • Tax Audits
    • Tax Deducted at Source
    • Income Tax
    • VAT Audit
    • Service Tax Audit
  • Internal & Statutory Audits of Indian & Foreign cos. having operations in India.
  • Stock & Book Debts Audit for Banks Management. Internal & Systems Audits
  • Audit under Transfer Pricing Regulations
  • Investigations & Special Audits as required by the management
    • Due Diligence review
    • Quality control audits
    • Compliance audit
    • Management audit of special concerns
  • Extensive Audits of third party operations / audits and review of Internal Control Systems of Branches, depots and C & F Agents located all over the country of the corporates

One of the cores of our professional practice is the audit of financial statements and internal controls. Our goal is to provide you with a well-planned audit completed in a timely fashion, while adhering to our stringent professional standards.

  • Internal Audit, which originally developed as a part of Internal Controls has now been recognized as one of the most important thrust area in the corporate world. Whether it is the management or Statutory Auditor or the Regulators for each of them, it is a fundamental aid or necessity.
  • An effective Internal Audit System, acts as an important tool of checks and balances, a deterrent against wastages and frauds, a guide for efficient usages of the resources.
  • Several Statutes (VIZ. Companies Act, SEBI Requirements, and Stock Exchange Regulations) Public Agencies (Bank / Financial Institutions) Stock Holders and Statutory Auditors require and rely on a scientifically designed, elaborately planned and efficiently carried out Internal Audit System.
  • As part of our audit process, we strive to: Obtain an in-depth understanding of all aspects of our clients' business
  • Utilize the latest technology and auditing techniques to streamline the audit process
  • Suggest organizational changes to better safeguard assets and to improve internal control systems.
  • Tax audit, which constitutes another segment of our practice, is earned out to
    • Verify the soundness of tax concepts applied by the company.
    • Identify ways and means of better business tax planning
    • Avoid and minimize costly litigation.
    • Client’s compliance with legal obligations

Our knowledgeable, committed team of professionals is dedicated to making an important contribution to the success of your business and the management of your financial affairs.

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