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Financial Planning & Advisory services

Financial Planning concerns itself with estimating, forecasting and planning financial results for a given period, ascertaining funding requirements and ensuring that cash is managed with maximum effectiveness, determining the feasibility of further capital investment proposals, designing effective yet simple management systems for the control of the business and initiating cost reduction program to contain certain costs in specified areas of activity. In other words, financial planning is concerned with achieving a given financial objective by solving such problem as:

  • What total volume of assets a business should acquire and maintain.
  • What is composition should be in terms of kinds of assets.
  • How the total funds required for this purpose should be financed.

Financial Analysis required to answer three questions has its roots in accounting and we are well placed to provide financial analysis including valuation of assets and liabilities. The areas covered by our financial planning division are:

  • Financial Analysis and projections.
  • Forecasting & Budgeting.
  • Cash planning & funding
  • Funds management.
  • Capital expenditure on projects.
  • Profitability Analysis and cost accounting.
  • Management Information system.
  • Credit management
  • Cost reduction

We are equally well equipped to give proper guidance to our client in the working knowledge of Financial Institutions and legal framework of finance.

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